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As a very young child I felt that I was different. The world in my head seemed to be way different than my physical reality. I would think to myself, is there something wrong with me?

Then I found metaphysics as an adult, and the world started to make a little more sense to me. I no longer felt so all alone or different because I started to understand what my life was really about.

Over the years, I pursued all the teachings that I could find, to hone in on my skills as a psychic medium. I now have a Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Sciences. My focus is in Transpersonal Psychology, which is the psychology of the self.

I use this knowledge that I have acquired combined with my psychic medium skills to help others become self-empowered, so that they can continue moving forward on their journey.

I also give people the tools that they need, so that they can transform themselves through self-discovery.

This allows them to focus on what it is that they really want, so that they can enjoy live through clear seeing.

This is how you can become truly healed in this lifetime!



Arizonalongthin998x199My Spiritual Journey


I started out taking classes at a Misty Meadows in Lee NH. I’ve done the Herbal Apprenticeship with Wendy Snow Fogg at Misty Meadows and have taken countless other classes there.

Christopher Penczak has been my primary teacher of Reiki, shamanic studies. As well as tarot reading, stones, astrology, and other metaphysical studies.

I have also taken several classes with Elizabeth Foley, AAP (Advanced Angel Practitioner).

I lived in Sedona Arizona for several months in pursuit of my spiritual destiny and returned home to NH a changed being. I took IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) classes while in Arizona which solidified my connection with the angels.

Then I pursued my Bachelors, Masters and finally Became a Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences through The University of Metaphysical Sciences based in California.

I work with Archangel Michael and other spiritual beings.

Some may call me a channel because I walk between the worlds and bring back messages for you my client. I also act as a bridge between you and your loved ones who are on the other side, so that you can communicate with them, through me.

I work with my clients on a soul level. I also communicate with their soul family and teach them who to connect with their soul family themselves.

3 circles clear seeingMy Intention

My intention is to show you how to look through a different set of lenses at the world around you.

I have found that the energy of our planet is shifting very quickly. It is causing confusion and many people are looking for some spiritual insight. I have been studying metaphysics for many years and see the great shifts that our people and our planet are going through.

I can help you to understand that all this change is for our highest good and I will work with you, so that you can find your own keys and unlock and realize your full potential.

This happens through clear seeing, by looking at the world around you from a conscious balanced perspective. I have many tools in my tool bag and use whatever is fitting for my clients.

Balance is the Key and there are many facets to these human bodies that we have been blessed to receive in this lifetime.

Come Join Me and Start the Journey of Your Life, by understanding what it means to Live Your Successful Life!

Balance = Success

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