Original Posted on 11.23.11 by Gwen Houghton 

Here I sit, at 6 in the morning writing my first blog for my new Website. As I sit here I am noticing that I am reflecting back to how I got here and to this point in my life. I have all these emotions building up inside of me. My fingers are a little shaky and I feel nervous, and exhilarated, happy and sad that it has taken me so long to do this. I am normally a very private person, so doing this is very much out of my comfort zone. But I do not feel like I am doing it just for me. I feel like I am doing it for all those people out there that are desperate for some kind of guidance and saying something has to give. So you ask, well who the hell are you to give me guidance. I have been through a tremendous amount of diversity the past few years. I feel that everybody has and we are all just sitting here catching our breath and saying; what now? I cannot and do not want to do things the way that it has always been done before. The world has changed and I have changed. I went down that rabbit whole and have come out the other end looking at the world differently. I have realized that I am still here and everything is OK. My family is doing just fine and life goes on. But the mood seems different. There is a quiet desperation as people just do what they have to do to get food on the table and pay that car payment or whatever else needs to get paid.

So what just happened and what do I do now, you ask?

This is called a shift in consciousness. Call it the whole 2012 thing or breaking through the old paradigm. It doesn’t matter what we call it, I just know that things cannot be done the same old way anymore. We need to look at ourselves, the world differently. We need to change the role we play in this giant movie that we call life. Yes, I said movie, life is a movie and we are all the actors. What I have learned over the past few years is that our life doesn’t always unfold the way we want it to. If we stand by and let life dictate what our role is going to be than we have no perceived control over the events taking place in our lives. But if you can somehow observe what is going on from a different point of view than you can begin to make your own decisions based on these observations.

This is how I changed my life. I changed my point of view, no pun intended. I shifted my awareness so I could look at my life as if I was watching it on a movie screen. I have also learned to look at myself as though I would look at a friend or family member that I love very much. I look with non-judgmental compassion and I see the good that is happening in my life instead of the bad. Isn’t that what we do for our friends? I decided that I need to treat myself as good as I would treat my best friend.

The other thing that learned is that if things do not go the way I wanted, it was because it really wasn’t what I wanted after all. The question that I have, since I am observing myself is, why would I do something that I do not want to do? The answer is simple and scary; it is because I have programmed myself to do it. I know we say that all these people have influenced us like our parents and so forth, but we are the ones who decided to conform. That is why I say that we are in control. Do you conform all the time or do you pick and choose?

Being aware, means being able to make decisions! Making your own decisions based on what YOU want to do means taking responsibility for YOUR life. Making the right decisions based on what you want to do, allows’ you to start “Living your Successful Life”.

This whole 2012 thing and the paradigm shift is all about taking responsibility for yourself and making your own decisions based on what you really want in your life.