Original Posted 12.16.11 by Gwen Houghton

I am having such a problem with my professor today! I am really pissed off that he is giving me points off for not doing the APA formatting properly. I guess the reason why I am having such a tizzy is because there are more several ways to do it and he is not being specific about what he wants.

Why am I having such a hard time with this? Why am I so annoyed? I have a pit in my stomach as I am writing this. I am pissed off. So which body is it that is having such a diversion to doing this? Why do I not want to learn the APA formatting? I feel like he is being a control freak. So is it my Mental Body pitching such a fit. If it is than what is the big deal? Why can’t I just take the time to learn the style of formatting and writing? One of the reasons is that Microsoft does it for me and I do not do it through that than I have to do this manually.

I just looked at the paper again and I did not put in the dates or finish putting in the information in the bibliography. I will correct it and send it back to him for reconsideration!

I feel like a little kid, like I am being obstinate. I feel the blood rush to my face as I do this. I just opened my paper and looked at my Bibliography and it was not complete but I still do not think that is worth taking 15 points off of my paper. The punishment just does not fit the crime! He said that my paper was great and that he loved my observations. I updated the citations with the information needed and now I am going to resubmit it to my teacher to see if it is acceptable!

That part of me just does not want to let go. I will go into a meditation to see what this is all about!

In the meditation I went to my castle and met up with my Universal Body, we then went into the castle and met up with my Team of Bodies. I asked them one at a time, who is pitching such a fit. I went straight in to the Mental Body thinking that it would be the one. What I heard was that it was the energy body that was up in arms. I asked the mental body anyway, dismissing the Energy Body! It just said no, not me I am really not having a problem with this. I asked the Emotional Body next why I was in such a tizzy and it said, it really is not directly related to me.

When I finally got to the Energy Body it said that it was sick of picking up on other peoples crap and sent the information to the Emotional Body so that it could be communicated to the Mental Body and the awareness would manifest into the Physical Body. Wow, it makes sense but I still didn’t see that coming!  This is all news to me.

For some reason, I can’t even remember what I was so annoyed with, that feeling of not being in control is gone. What is the message? Just follow through on your feelings. Look through the eyes of the Universal Body, for it does not judge! See where it takes you! Just bring your feelings out of the darkness and into the light. There is not right or wrong, just what is. Observing a situation for what it is from a detached point of view through your Universal Body incrementally increases our awareness and puts us in control of our life. This is how YOU begin to “Live Your Successful Life”!

P.S. again…I am sharing this with you because this is the important stuff that we all need to assimilate in our everyday life. I hope that it helps you to be a little more observant of what your Bodies are trying to tell you. After all, that is what they are there for. They are your team and you are only as good as your weakest player.

Blessings, Gwen Houghton 12/16/2011

From my professor, I have used APA for year Gwen and my advice would not be to whole rely on what Word does.  You can research the best practices through the APA Publications.

P.S. This was his response to me when I asked him about the APA process; he will be getting an extended email from me when this class is over. I am a reflection of him and he is being evasive and obstinate. This is his Karma now; I have put it back in his lap for review!