When doing a reading over the phone: I ask the client to schedule a time when they can be in a quiet place, free from distractions. Same is true for sessions in person as well.
***I personally feel that phone readings are just as effective if not more effective than readings in person, because there is less distraction from the human.

I tape the session: So I will turn on the tape recorder (unless the client doesn't want the session taped). I then turn on my timer to keep track of the time. *** Sometimes electronics don’t like to work when spirit is active and the tape will shut off. I say this ahead of time because I am not responsible if the session does not tape.

I use cards and crystals during the session (unless the client doesn't want me to): For the phone session, the crystals are set on top of the cards and I put my hands on top of them. In person, will ask the client to put their fingers on the cards, and I put my fingers on the cards on the other side of the deck.

Now the session begins with a short visualization: I will ask the client to close their eyes, and I close my eyes as well. I do a short visualization, which is a healing/clearing session. It is 2 minutes long and is not part of the paid session. For example, client pays for 30 minutes and I do a 32 minute session.

During a phone session, I pick several cards. During a session in person, I have the client pick several cards and I will talk about the pure energy and messages that I pick up on within the cards and within the clients energy. This takes around 5 to 10 minutes.

Then it’s open for forum and it is time for the client to tell me specifically what they want to get out of the reading. I work this way because sometimes what spirit has to say, and what the client wants to talk about are two different things. By the end of the session I am tying up loose ends and tying in what spirit wanted to say, and what the client wants to talk about.

I have taken a lot of healing classes and done a lot of healing (energy) work over the years. My work involves helping you (the client) to get un-stuck, and therefore helps in the healing process. I do a little energy healing at the beginning of the session as a visualization, but I do not specifically do energy work on people at this time. Having said that, I love angels and see them all the time, so you could say that I have an affinity with angels. I work with the energy that is Archangel Michael, he is the main angel that I communicate with and work with as a guide.

I specialize in transpersonal psychology because I truly believe that angels, our guides, loved ones, god, or whoever you believe in; is being presented to help you move forward on your journey as a living human in this lifetime.

As a psychic, I can tap into the energy within your aura. As a medium, I can see who you have for loved ones (spirit guides) around you, connect with them, give some detail about them, and bring messages to you. What I have found with this, is that a lot of times the guide or loved one is sometimes not the loved one that they wanted to come through. But our spirit guides are from our soul family. They come in closer to us when we need a specific energy to heal, or if we need help to move forward on our journeys, which is ultimately very healing. If you ask about a specific loved one, I will usually get some information about them mediumistically if they are working closely with you as a guide, or psychically if they are not as close.

As a conscious channel (or what I like to call messenger); I deliver information to you from your soul, soul family, spirit guides or whoever is there for you at the time of the session. Whatever energy it is that I'm tapping into is always there for your highest good and is there to help you move forward on your journey.

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