Hi All,

SaturnI just want to send along a note regarding a major shift in energy that is happening in the sky. Saturn is a planet that affects us all on some level. It has been in the sign on Scorpio for over two years and is about to move out of Scorpio into Sagittarius. Saturn in Scorpio has been asking us to look at the secrets that we keep in our closet. Over the past 2+ years we have been asked to look at these thought patterns that have been holding us back. We have been asked to shine light upon them, deal with them and heal them so that we can move forward. So it’s been kind of crazy for a lot of us recently! Having said that Saturn is about to leave us all a gift of some kind right around the Christmas holiday, as it moves into Sagittarius. So take a deep breath and relax into the next couple of weeks. You may still be having feelings of the last squeeze of Scorpio as we purge the old thought patterns. But remember that it is for your highest good so that you can heal and let go of the past, once and for all. It is time to move forward into the New Year with all the hopes and dreams of being who and what we want to be in this lifetime.

Happy Holidays and as always, blessings on Your Journey…

P.S. This very cool picture of Saturn was found on Flickr

Gwen Houghton