Original Posting 10/01/2013

the_lovers_tarot_cardI recently had a client who had a psychic reading with me and the session did not tape. This often happens when there are a lot of guides around us during readings as they interfere with electrical devices. Our guides are here to guide us in the direction to our soul’s purpose and so was the case in this reading. A few days after the reading (in an email), my client asked me if I remembered the cards that I pulled for her but unfortunately I do so many readings that I did not remember. I then recommended that she do her own reading for her own clarification because she had her own decks of cards that she used once in a while.

I wrote her up a set of instructions on how to get daily guidance using Tarot Cards and emailed it to her and decided that I would share this with all of you as well. “By the way, writing this for you all was my divine guidance kicking in.” My family and friends know that this is how I have read Tarot Cards for years for myself and for them; I have shared these techniques with them and now I will share them with you.

The back story to this email is that (at the reading) I saw that my client would benefit from learning the tarot and was explaining to her why the tape did not record her reading.

This is what I wrote;

That’s OK (that the tape recorder did not work), our vibrations change daily and really moment by moment. This is how spirit works; he is making you curious and wants you to pursue this further so that you can start to get your own answers.”

“This is called divine guidance, so go with it!”

“Just pull out the cards that you have and the book that you have or go on line to get the meanings of the cards, write it down and then meditate on the message and write that down as well.”

Below are the instructions on how I studied the Tarot which is what I sent to her.

My Favorite thing to do while I was a student studying tarot was to pull 5 cards each day.

I used the book “Numerology and the Divine Triangle” by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker.


This book talks about numerology but also has extended meanings for the Tarot Deck for “The Rider Tarot Deck” which include references to numerology, astrology and solid guidance that is uplifting and straight to the point. Both items can be found on the links provided.


I used a basic layout that I still use today when I do any kind of readings whether it is psychic, mediumship or channeled. For me this is always a mix as I am getting the information from were ever I need to in order to get the messages that I need, straight from the soul, to be able to help myself, and other people to move forward on the journey “called life”.

Pulling the cards creates a focus so that we can read the energy around us and get the messages that spirit is trying to give us. This process starts when we ask a question, as soon as we ask the question spirit can begin to help us and point us in the right direction.

Even if you do not know what the answer is ask the question: What is it that I need to know?

One of my favorite things to do was to simply ask for insight, wisdom and knowledge. This simple statement has set me up to receive some of the most useful information that I have ever received at the exact time that I needed.

I shuffle the deck, put my hands on the deck (with crystals on top of the deck). Then I call in my highest guides and ask that I get information that is from my soul, for my highest good and highest healing and the good of all. I then spread the cards out on the table (face down) and pick 5 cards and put them in a pile (face down) in front of me and then one by one flip them up.

The card placement is as follows;

Card 1 is the past of present situation

Card 2 is insight

Card 3 is wisdom

Card 4 is knowledge

Card 5 is outcome

After the 5 cards are face up and in order (I write down each card that I got and it’s placement) in my notebook along with the meaning of the card (from the book) and date the entry. “By dating the entries, I could begin to see patterns.”

I would then close my eyes and ask what the message is for that day and write that down as well.

I did this for many years every day.

If I did not have time to do all 5 cards I just did one card and meditated on it to get the message that I needed for the day.

Along the way I started readings for other people using these techniques, and this is what I still do today professionally using the same 5 card spread to funnel the energy so that I can give my clients the messages that there soul wants them to get. The spread is easy and is just a guide to get the information bubbling to the surface so that we can start to interpret the unseen energy that is around use.

Call in divine presence to be with you as you go through this process and soon you will be getting the messages that you need straight from your soul to transform your journey and you will begin to see how your guidance can also help others that are around you.

It is always good to start with friends and family as you are used to being around their energy and so read it a little easier.

P.S. Thanks, to my client who had the question. There is one more person that I have to thank and it is another client who mentioned to me that I should be sharing my information with all of you, so that is exactly what I did by writing out these instructions. Thank you friend! 😉

As always, blessings on Your Journey, Gwen Houghton ~J~