I am so thankful that I received the opportunity in which to meet with you. I was a bit nervous at first, unsure if I would find any resolve to the multitude of questions that swam around in my head. You immediately made me feel welcomed and more at ease, guiding me through a quick mediation process before we even began with the reading.

The reading: it always amazes me how spot on the cards can be without me even saying a word; both literal and figurative. Conversing with you during that half hour, having you read my energy, the energy around me, and even the added influence of my grandmother, I felt more comfortable with my thoughts. I felt more comfortable with the course of actions I wanted to take in regards to the direction I wanted my life to go in. I was more confident that I was headed in the right direction; that my interesting past which exposed me to a wide variety of things/people/situations, wasn’t just a string of unfortunate luck, but rather training tools & lessons.

I really did enjoy my time with you and I will more than likely set up other meetings, just to make sure that I haven’t strayed from my course. J

Hi Gwen,

It was such a great experience with you on Saturday, we're still talking about it.  One of our main motivations for having a reading with you, other than just thinking the whole thing really cool, was for my husband to connect to his Dad. When he sat in the chair and you began to describe his personality exactly, and then when you said his Dad was there I felt so much relief and joy. My poor husband has had to endure more loss than most at his age. First his Dad when he was just a child, then his brother in high school and the loss of his Mom 2 years ago. Even though he only had his Dad for 7 years of his life he still loves him and talks about him all the time. For him to come through was such a gift.

I just wanted to say Thank You, Gwen.

Sincerely, LR

Hi Gwen I just want to thank you for the wonderful reading I received on Saturday. You not only answered my questions but you lifted a very heavy burden of my heart. Just knowing my beloved Dan is at peace has made me a much happier person. You told me things other psychics have told me as well as confirming certain things that I had always suspected. Once again thank you and you will be seeing me again.
very happy client

Hi Gwen,
You wanted an update.....It really was successful, Joanne is very excited....it was a great experience!!
I am sorry I was 5 min. late for our reading Sat. then you did not know I was there and then I was not clear on the reading, I am sorry I feel it got all messed up...
Thank you for all the information you have given me and I am so grateful to know I have a guide right by my side all the time....It is comforting....He helped me out of a panic attack several times this week....I need 2 new jobs. or one really good job, and it needs to happen within the next few months....I can't take the everyday stress, it is not good for me and my soul....
I did try writing and Wow my guide really loves me, I could feel the messages were really coming from him.....
Thank you for all you do, I am grateful you have touched my life...
Thank you Very Much

Things are seemingly much better! Thank you so much for coming to our home! We really appreciated it. It’s definitely helping. I am working on a lake theme for my son’s room – and will be removing the military articles soon.
We are really glad you came, the whole upstairs is beginning to feel like home again – we plan on spending a lot more time up there as a family.
Thank you for letting me know about my mother. I was very concerned about the birth of my baby and I am glad she will be there and is happy.
I didn't want to ask too many questions and take away from the house issue we had – since that was the most important. Even Louis the Chihuahua is sleeping on the couch again upstairs!
Hope all is well! Jen

I felt at peace after speaking with you, and that is very important for me. I look forward to hearing from you, and possibly even meeting you in person someday! Thank you!

Hi Gwen,
Thank you for the electronic copy of my reading. I will listen to it again as you suggested.
The reading was very helpful as it touched on a major emotional issue in my life right now.
Was I able to help you through your questions? Yes
Did I touch on subjects that were important to you? Yes!
Did you feel more empowered after the reading and more in control of your life? I felt much better and empowered after the reading (and still do). For you to be able to channel my mother and to have her let me know that she forgives me was priceless. Plus the reading itself was very helpful and came at a perfect time as know I understand that I need to move on emotionally and that it's ok for me to do that.
You can use my replies on your website if you choose and my first name.
Thanks again,

Hello there, Gwen,
Tomorrow I am scheduled to take my first Reiki class (as we discussed)! You made me feel so much better because I just needed someone to send me in the direction I needed to go and confirm that for me and you really did!!. Obviously, there are some things I need to come to terms with and it will still be hard, but you were able to get right to the root of everything that is going on. You're very no-nonsense and down to earth and and I DEFINITELY recommend you to anyone looking for advice about their life!! I keep listening to your recording over and over, and keep hearing new things each time…just like you said…:)
Was I able to help you through your questions? YES
Did I touch on subjects that were important to you? YES
Did you feel more empowered after the reading and more in control of your life? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Gwen-
I want to thank you for my reading. I felt like we covered a lot of ground and I am glad I have a tape to listen to over and over. In listening to you, I feel like I am heading in the right direction in my spiritual journey. I thought your message was very empowering- to listen to my own voice and to stand up for my own beliefs- something that has not been easy for me. Thank you so much for insights and support. Peace, Jean

Thanks so much, Gwen! It was truly an honor to meet you, and I am sincerely grateful, for your insight and wisdom. I have a fairly healthy imagination so I'm going to try to re-imagine my father's transformation on the other side, and try to see him as he is now, not how I remember him. I told my daughter that he came forth as my spirit guide, and she said "Of course he did." so matter-of-factly. Haha... I'm still blown away. Nothing like a little shock and awe on a rainy Thursday afternoon 🙂 I will continue writing, since that is something that really resonated with me. Who the hell knows, maybe I'll pen a bestseller or become a scribe for my spirit guide. 

With Light & Love,

PS You have a beautiful smile!

Hi Gwen,
It was great to meet you (and the cats) as well! We (my sister Sidney, my friend Chelsea, and I) are all so thankful that we were able to meet with you and we all felt a great sense of peace after our readings were completed. It certainly helped me a great deal by validating some of the issues and feelings that I have been struggling with and also clarifying what I need to focus on.
I actually listened to the recording of my reading twice and I was so amazed at how many things I did not necessarily pick up on or make a connection to initially at the time of the reading. I would definitely like to have another reading with you in the future; only the next time I would come alone because I wasn’t exactly prepared, willing, and/or able at that particular time to acknowledge something that kept coming up in my reading.

I will certainly post comments on my positive experience with you on the Best Psychic Directory and you can also use my comments for your website as well; however, I would prefer to only use my initials (P.M.) if that’s OK. Thank you once again for allowing us into your home and for sharing your amazing gift with us, it truly was a blessing and I hope to visit you again soon.
Sincerely, PC