Original posted 11.05.11 by Gwen Houghton 

The Universal Body is the observer and first part of the self that we will be formally introduced to and these are some of the questions that we will be asking.

• Did you ever have recurring thoughts that drove you crazy until you acted out on them?

• Which part of us is looking at these thoughts?

• Through which lenses are we looking at the situation with?

• Who is that which filters our thoughts and re-examines them and who is it that is changing our mind from morning till night?

• Did you ever notice that you can go through a thought process in the morning and make a definitive decision to do something only to change your mind later in the day because upon re-examination you saw the situation entirely differently?

• Why did you change your mind?

• Which part of you do you think made the first decision and which part of you changed your mind?

• Who was it that made the first decision and who was it that got in your head and changed your mind?

• Did the situation change, or was it just your perspective?

• Wouldn’t it be cool to see this all happening and from a bird’s eye view and become more educated on why the different parts of you relinquish or take control of a situation?

Well these are the parts of you that you will be speaking with directly through observation through the Universal Body and Self-analysis. This form of self-analysis is a conscious and productive way of learning who you are. This process of self-observation is a lifelong process and one which all of society should be partaking in freely. Once these techniques are learned you will use them all day, every day….Now, let us fix our attention on our thoughts and our intention to those thoughts.


What is your immediate response? Come on and write it down; we need to start somewhere and here is the place!