Original Post 02/09/12 by Gwen Houghton

Whitney Huston died a couple of days ago on February 11, 2012. They found her dead in the tub with her head under water. The Grammy awards were on the next night and they talked about her and sang her songs. It makes me wonder why someone so talented would lose the will to live. She had everything to live for yet something drove her to abuse alcohol, use drugs and eventually kill herself. Why does this happen?  Did she feel so alone and so disconnected from herself that she couldn’t see clearly? Why did she feel so helpless and hopeless? It is such a shame!

I have been thinking of this all night as I watched the tribute to her and others that have passed this year. I got into bed and thought; the Universal Body is the Observer. And then it came to me… If we are not on the right path the universe will highlight this person, place, or thing that appears to be blocking us from what we need to do. Just as a job can stop us from doing what we really need to do, and a person can stop us from being who we really are. There is tension that is created with these persons, places, or things. It is not easy and becomes difficult and annoying until finally you have to do something about it: However, what if you are not aware of these laws. I feel as if these are the laws of the universe that Richard Rose talks about. These are also the laws of attraction, the laws that help us to create our Heaven or Hell. These are walls for us to climb over. We can learn to conquer these obstacles and the challenges. The secret is that we are the ones who put up these walls. We can also create the doors through the walls and only then can we find the keys to unlock those doors. We can conger the will to climb that ladder to get over that wall. It is the spirit that creates the will to either unlock the doors or climb over the wall. They say; “his spirit it broken.” When ones spirit is broken the will to live diminishes and one dies. The spark becomes dimmer and dimmer until it finally goes out. It is extinguished because our spirit willed it to go out. The energy leaves us and the physical body does not exist anymore. The physical does not exist without the spark, the energy. The energy does not persist without the will to live, the spirit, the believer. This information may exist somewhere but I have never seen it put together like this before. This is quantum physics. Even an ameba needs to have the will to live. The strongest survive. The baby needs to suckle its mothers breast to live another day. This is the law of the land. So what are other the laws of the universe?

This is a list that I came up with and it pertains to the 6 Bodies that I talk about in my classes:

The Universal Body is the Observer

The Physical Body is the Doer

The Mental Body is the Thinker

The Emotional Body is the Feeler

The Energetic Body is the Producer

The Spiritual Body is the Believer

The Energetic Body is the keeper of the spark. The spark is maintained from the Spiritual Body. It is our Spiritual Body, the Believer that keeps us going. It is our belief system that keeps us motivated, and keeps us moving forward. It keeps us alive. Our “Will to Live” determines whether we want to live or die.

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